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MATV / RF Filters & Traps

  • MATV filters & traps are NTSC channel / frequency standard, 75 ohms impedance with F-type female connector
  • Customizing is available. Please inquire for other frequency, connector, or impedance standards. Example configuration: PAL / BNC / 50 ohms.
  • Production graphs are provided for many filters & traps to illustrate typical frequency response
  • To refer to CATV or Broadcast channel or frequency - see NTSC Freq. Chart


Used to pass a desired TV channel or segment of TV/RF spectrum (from 40 to 860 MHz) and reject out of band frequencies. Adjacent and semi-adjacent models available.

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Attenuation of signal at specific frequency (4 to 900 MHz). Use to suppress an interfering carrier, and other applications. Models available with multiple notches, indoor and outdoor housing.

  • Fixed frequency
  • Trap with switch
  • Tunable notch

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Band rejection filters with non-adjacent channel selectivity, designed for off-air antenna systems. Use to attenuate specific TV channel or RF signal band. Typical stopband: specify from 15dB to 30dB.

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Designed to pass desired frequencies in lower segment of TV spectrum and reject frequencies in upper segment. Custom specifications available.

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Designed to pass desired frequencies in upper segment of TV spectrum and reject frequencies in lower segment.

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Combiners consist of individual bandpass filters joined together at common port. Combines multiple single-channel sources into one output, or, separates broadband signal into individual channels: TV & FM

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Three port devices consist of a highpass, lowpass joined together at a common port. Combines or isolates two signal bands, e.g., VHF (0-230 MHz), UHF (470-860 MHz)

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Injectors consist of a bandpass, bandstop joined together at a common port. Used to network off-air antennas, or combine a single channel with a broadband signal.

  • Antenna Couplers
  • 75 Ohms & 300 Ohms

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