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Our Products

Providing you with RF filter and TV system products since 1968

Tin Lee Electronics Ltd. has been and continues to be a leading supplier of precision filters for Cable TV, FM, VHF/UHF reception and RF Communications, and, products for TV/FM headend and TV/FM Signal distribution systems.

Listed below is our main line of products. However, we also create custom-made products to best suit your needs. To find out more about custom-made products, click here.

PDF Directory: For a summary of our PDF publications and information sheets, click here.

CATV Filters

Tin Lee Electronics CATV (Cable Television) filters include: Channel Deletion, Band pass, Traps, Diplexers, and Custom Components for headend, research, commercial, and residential operation. Models are available with bandwidth 5 to 1000 MHz (Return path and full cable TV signals and services).

FM/RF Products

These are our products dedicated for various low power FM band (88 to 108 MHz) applications, such as, signal interference, filtered signal reception, channel mixing, and FM distribution. Models for FM and RF applications are available in 50 and/or 75 ohm impedances. CATV models are available with 5 to 870 MHz bandwidth.

MATV Filters

Our line of MATV (Master Antenna Television) solutions is designed to facilitate reception of broadcast TV/FM signals (50 to 800 MHz, NTSC and HDTV). These products specialize in the promotion, negation, amplification, and modification of off-air signals and channels. Similar products are available in 50 ohms for RF applications (5 to 1000 MHz) in scientific research, navigation, and wireless control systems.

Antenna Headend System Products

Our MATV Headend System Products allow you to amplify, insert, combine, transform, and split off-air (broadcast TV and FM) antenna signals (analog and digital signals).

Signal Distribution

This line of products is developed specifically for the equalizing, attenuating or strengthening of cable TV, off-air TV/FM signals for distribution to multiple outlets. Also available are passive distribution components, and system layout services.

RF Switches and Filters

High performance RF signal switching products, designed to provide reliable switching of broadband RF signals in the 5 to 1000 MHz range (and composite video signal - DC passing models). Suitable of commercial, industrial, research and residential applications. Complete with a long-range wireless remote control, these switches allow you to control signal input switching from any part of the building. Custom computer control RS-232 interface with Windows GUI, coming soon.