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MATV Headend System Products

Matching Transformers (50-to-75 ohms)

MT- 50/75 - 50 ohms to 75 ohms broadband impedance transformer

MT-50/75 is designed to impedance match a 75ohm device, such as RF filter or amplifier, to a 50ohm system. This prevents mismatch and signal reflection. It is a cost-efficient solution to convert a 75ohm signal for a 50ohm measurement, or vice versa, for measurement or transformation purposes. It does this with good return loss to improve measurement accuracy. A further advantage of this matching transformer is that it features a low through loss, preserving much more of your input signal than a matching pad (6 dB) would.
Model MT-50/75-FM is optimized for FM band operation: >30 dB return loss, up to 20 watts (see pdf)

MT-50/75-BB and

Connectors: BNC/BNC and BNC/F

PDF Info Sheet

PDF MT-50/75-FM

  • Passband: 5 to 1000 MHz (standard); optional FM optimized (see FM products), 5 to 1500 MHz and 10 to 2000 MHz bandwidth models also available
  • Thru Loss: .5 to .75 dB
  • Return loss: >20 dB
  • RF Power handling: 2W max (special request for up to 10W)
  • Connectors: 50 ohms BNC female, and, 75 ohms F-type or BNC (female)
  • Rugged, compact casing
  • Housing Dim (in): 3.5L x .75D x 1.75H

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Matching Transformers (300 to 75 ohms)

MT-Series - Outdoor antenna-to-coaxial down lead transformer

MT-37X - 300 to 75 ohms broadband transformer

  • VHF only, UHF only, VHF to UHF band
  • Thru loss .75 dB VHF, 1.25 dB UHF max
  • Return loss > 16 dB

MT-37X-ch - Single channel transformer

  • Available channels: VHF (2-13), FM, and UHF (14-69)
  • Semi-adjacent band-pass filtered
  • Thru loss 2.0 dB, Return loss >18 dB

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Filters and Traps for TV Antenna Systems (3 to 860 MHz)

Bandpass | Bandstop | Highpass | Lowpass | Diplexers |

Channel Combiners | Notch Traps

UHF Double Notch or 4-6 MHz bandstop
  • TLE offers a variety of filter products to enhance Off Air Reception
  • Standard and Custom models are available - Example Specialty wide band bandpass filters are shown below
  • Indoor and outdoor housing
  • Connectors: 75 ohms F-type (50 ohms BNC/N/sma inquire)

General applications:

  • Ensure passing of desired signal and Block undesired signals from TV system
  • Prevent overload of preamplifier/amplifier
  • Suppress specific interfering signals
  • Attenuate adjacent channel to prevent channel interaction
  • Passive signal processing - Band splitting / combining, multiple channel mixing/dividing
  • Click here for MATV Filters
  • Click here for Off-Air/RF Notches

Specialty Off-Air Antenna Pre-selector filters

Low pass filters LP7E 698/716 and LP7-698/740


Dim 7"L x 2.5 "W x 1.75H

  • Low Loss design to pass Off-Air TV up to 698 MHz. LP7E 698/716 reject signals from 716 MHz and above to 1300 MHz
  • Insertion loss <1.0 dB , except 3 dB at 698 MHz
  • Out of band rejection 40dB typical, >55 dB at 900 MHz Cellular band
  • Return loss 15 dB typical

Sample graph LP7E 698/716
Sample graph LP7 698/740

CF7W-VHF-HI to UHF bandpass: 174-700 MHz Pre-selector filter


Dim 4.5"H x 2.5 "L x 1.75W

  • Low Loss design for 75 ohms Off-Air TV systems
  • Pass VHF chs 7-13, UHF TV chs 14-51 only. It blocks from 164 Mhz & below (including >55 dB rejection of FM, CB bands), and, blocks from 740 MHz & above
  • Insertion loss <1.25 dB , except 2.5 dB at 174 and 700 MHz
  • Out of band rejection 40dB typical
  • Return loss 15 dB typical
  • Click for graph CF7W-VHF-Hi-UHF

UHF only bandpass: 470-700 MHz Pre-selector filter

Dim 4.5"H x 2.5 "L x 1.75W

  • Low Loss design for 75 ohms Off-Air TV systems
  • Pass UHF TV chs 14-51 only, block 440 Mhz and below, 740 MHz and above
  • VHF and UHF insertion loss <1.5 dB , except 2.5 dB at 470 and 700 MHz
  • Out of band rejection 45dB typical
  • Return loss > 16 dB
  • Click for graphs of UHF band pass,e.g., CF7W-UHF
  • Double bandpass: 174-216 MHz and 470-806 MHz Pre-selector filter

    Dim 3.5"H x 8 "L x 3.5W

  • Low Loss design for 75 ohms Off-Air TV systems
  • Pass VHF chs 7-13, UHF chs 14-69
  • VHF and UHF insertion loss <1 dB , except 1.5 dB at 806 MHz
  • Out of band rejection 25dB typical
  • Return loss > 16 dB
  • Can be trap enhanced for greater selectivity
  • Click for graph of double band pass filters,e.g., CF7W-VHF-UHF
  • Double bandpass: 54-216 MHz and 470-694 MHz Pre-selector filter


    Dim 3.5"H x7.5 "L x 3.5W

  • Designed for broadband TV antenna to pass only VHF and UHF signals
  • Designed to pass VHF chs 2-13, UHF chs 14-52 MHz
  • Low Loss : VHF 1 dB, 1.5 dB at corners; UHF 1.5 dB, 2.0dB at corners
  • Provides >40 dB rejection DC-40 MHz, 250 to 430 MHz; and 770 MHz to 1000 MHz.
  • Click for graph of double band pass filters,e.g., CF7W-VHF-UHF
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    Outdoor Antenna Preamplifiers & Antenna


    MA-Series Preamp
    Dim: 4.25L x 2.5W x 3.25H

    PDF Info Sheet

    High quality TV antenna preamplifiers, designed to optimize the TV/FM signal reception from the TV antenna to the TV or Headend by providing a stronger signal with improved signal quality.

    • Designed for reliable performance
    • Low noise figure for better picture reception
    • Low power consumption & static discharge
    • CSA approved remote indoor power supply
    • 75 ohm models have F-type connectors (F/F)
    • 300 ohms models have screw terminal input, and F-connector output
    • More details see PDF Info Sheet

    • Click > Table: Preamplifiers


    • We carry outdoor antennas and accessories
    • Basic consultation is available
    • Installation can be arranged
    • Modulators
    • Off-Air HDTV Receiver
    • Digital Converter Box

    Over-the-Air HDTV

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    Antenna Signal Injectors

    Dim: 4.25L x 2.5W x 4.5H

    PDF Info Sheet


    Single Channel Injectors, join a single channel antenna with a broadband antenna or separate one channel from a broadband antenna. Model AC7 is available in Indoor and Outdoor enclosures. This three port device consists of:

    1. Single channel input (bandpass) which provides 20dB rejection at: ±8 MHz (VHF), ±18 MHz (UHF). Insertion loss: 2.5-3.5 dB
    2. Broadband All-Channel Input (bandstop) which reduces signal overlap between the single channel input and the broadband input. Rejection: 15dB. 3dB points: ±8 MHz (VHF), ±18 MHz (UHF)
    3. Output (common or combined output). Passband: 40 to 860 MHz, thru-loss: 1dB
    4. PDF AC7 Hookup


    Two channel combiner - joins two non-adjacent, single channel antennas together into a common output, or separate a single input into two channels. Bandpass ports: 20dB rejection ±8 MHz (VHF), 20dB ±18 MHz (UHF). Insertion Loss: <2.5 dB

    Click for CATV Band Combiners

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    MATV Band Splitter / Combiner (VHF, UHF Antenna operation )

    UV-7X and UV-7
    Dim 4"L x 2.25"H x 2"W UV-7
    Dim 4.25"L x 2.5"H x 3.25"W UV-7X

    UV-7 and UV-7X

    Model UV-7 is a high quality VHF, UHF TV antenna band combiner (or splitter) with low signal loss and good impedance match for low impact on signal quality. UV-7X is outdoor version of UV-7

    UV-7 PDF Info Sheet


    LH7 - indoor
    Dim 3.6"L x 2.5"H x 3.4"W

    Band splitter/combiners are used to combine low and high frequency ranges into one output or used in reverse, to separate the TV/RF spectrum into low and high frequency ranges.

    Example MATV TV Band Combiner/Splitter models include:

    • LH-7 Lo/Hi - splits or combines VHF Low and VHF Hi bands
      (ch.2 - 6 and 7 - 13)
    • LH-3 - same as above 300 ohms inputs
    • S7-TF - split or combine TV/FM bands
    • S7-TA - split or combine TV/AM bands
    • S7-AF - split or combine AM-SW/FM bands
    • UV-7 - split or combine VHF & UHF bands
    • UV-3 - same as above 300 ohms inputs
    • Indoor and Outdoor models available
    • More specialty models available - inquire

    Example Graphs

    CATV/MATV Diplexers, Graphs, Order Info and Customizing

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    CMN7-series: Multiple TV Channel Combiners / Dividers

    Seven UHF channel combiner
    10.5"L x 4"W x 2"H
    (7 channel model)
    6.5"L x 4"W x 2"H
    (4 channel model)
    5"x 4"W x 2"H
    (3 channel model)

    PDF Info Sheet


    Channel combiners are bandpass filter networks, consisting of individual bandpass filters joined together at one common port. Available for combining or separating up to 7 non-adjacent channels in one enclosure. Multiple units are used to combine large number of channels (e.g., 36 chs Headend).

    • Available for VHF, UHF, and CATV channels
    • Custom channel combining available
    • Non-Adjacent bandpass for each channel removes spurious signals
    • Passband loss: 2dB VHF, 3 dB UHF typical

    Isolation between channels:

    • VHF/CATV (5-300 MHz) > 25dB ±8 MHz
    • VHF/CATV (300-450 MHz) > 20dB ±12 MHz
    • CATV/UHF (455-600 MHz) > 20dB ±18 MHz
    • UHF (600-860 MHz) > 20dB ±20 MHz

    Channel combining in one enclosure:

    • VHF/CATV (5 to 400 MHz) requires > 8 MHz frequency separation
    • CATV(400 to 560 MHz) requires > 12 MHz frequency separation
    • UHF/CATV (560 to 800 MHz) requires > 18 MHz frequency separation.

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